What Can We Learn From The Amazing Irish Fans?

So now that the dust has settled on the Irish dream of being in the Euros, and the last of the famous Irish fans have more than likely found their way home… now is a great opportunity to look back and see the benefits our country will receive as a result of our amazing fans.
So what made them so special and what does that say about Ireland?

Well to start with, you can be sure every Irish man and woman had a friendly smile from ear to ear – regardless of the result. You can be sure the majority of the fans were respectful and courteous to everyone – Values our Irish mammy’s thought us with the fear of the wooden spoon. Simple things – but the most important!

But what will this do for Ireland? Well there’s the major PR activity surrounding our fans and the great things that will do for the Irish reputation. You can be sure there have been a countless number of holidays booked already to Ireland as a result. Who wouldn’t want to meet these amazing people – sure what must the rest of the country be like??

So where’s the learning? Imagine Ireland Inc as a company and the amazing fans were the employees. Do you see it now?

If we could get a small percentage of that little bit of magic that the Irish fans seem to have in abundance, the benefits that would bring to the reputation of any company would be amazing. You can be sure anyone that experiences it would most certainly be back. And even better, you can be sure they’d bring their friends.

So how can we achieve this? Again let’s look at the fans. They were clearly enjoying themselves and happy to be there and behaving in a way that was true to their Values. And better yet, they were there for the greater cause. Everyone in line moving in the same direction and knew exactly what they were trying to achieve.

We can certainly do our best to ensure our team are aware of what we are trying to achieve as a business. The end goal. Clarity, to bring focus. And of course, Company Values are hugely important in ensuring your team behave in a way that’s appropriate for your brand.

But are your employees smiling? Are they engaged? Despite popular belief, it’s not all about money. There are so many other things, such as achievement, recognition, inclusion and so on that also improve productivity.

And the best way to find out? Ask them, listen to them and act on it. You may be surprised how simple the solution may be.

So while we sit back and smile as we watch the latest video of our amazing fans… and the inevitable uplift in tourism, let’s think about how we can adapt a little bit of that magic to our own organisations.

We can of course help you with this process and would be happy to do so. Please contact R-GON if you’d like to see how we can help you Get RGONised!!!

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