My Great Experience In Reiss – What Did They Get So Right?

I was recently in the market to buy a new suit. I was looking for something specific so I was quickly moving through the stores in the Dublin city area. I was shocked by the service I received in many of the stores (or lack thereof). There was no one to be seen in many of them and the selection to chose from was poor.

Eventually, my prayers were answered when I walked into Reiss on Stephens green. From the moment I walked in the door, I was greeted and made aware they were there to help if needed. Thankfully the store was beautifully laid out and easy to find everything. I found the suit I was looking for right in front of me. The associate (John) on duty came back and offered his help once more, now that he saw I was interested. He immediately kicked into gear and offered a service above and beyond my expectations.

I was honestly shocked by how helpful and friendly he was. He had fantastic product and trend knowledge and was extremely helpful (and patient, despite how fussy I am).

I had been in a few stores looking for a suit that day and none of them came close to the service provided in this store.

I was so impressed I sent a mail to the store telling them about my experience.

So what did they get so right?

Well, they ticked all the boxes and got the basics right! Let me break it down as it’s a good case study.

Service is often thought of as the interaction with the associates – but it’s much more that that. Think of the whole customer experience and all touch points with the customer.

If you take the Environment and the whole store for example, It was beautifully laid out and easy to navigate. It was designed to really show off the Reiss brand – and it did just that! Tick the box!

If you look at the product choice, it had a fantastic range of styles that were all tailored so well. The quality of the suits were superb and to top it off, everything was in stock. Tick the Box!

Now for the final piece to the puzzle. The associates themselves… There’s no denying they have the most important role in delivering a great experience. John did that exceptionally well with his product knowledge. The whole team also made me feel welcome and valued as a customer. I left with a smile on my face.

The result of all of this is Reiss have gained a new repeat customer. The next time I’m looking for a suit, Reiss will be my first stop! This will undoubtably help the bottom line and the more people that have an experience like me, the more customers will keep coming back again and again.

There’s so much more that could be said about customer experience. But in this case, they got the basics right and ticked all the boxes on all touch points.

Well done Reiss. I look forward to shopping with you again!

What are you doing to improve your customer experience?

Remember to look at all touch points with the customer and don’t neglect any one area as they are all highly important to improving the whole experience. Can you confidently say you’re ticking all the boxes?